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I made it!!! - crazycna4

Jul. 21st, 2006 10:35 am I made it!!!

Well I"ve made it to GSO where everything seems a lot slower and no one seems to have a job...I started my new job last Monday at Moses Cone which is the only hospital in the area...it has been fun but very tiring..lots of potential to learn new things and encounter new situations...it's the county hospital so I expected stabbings and shootings within the near future...I finally got road runner today so I've been catching up on bills and emails...and I finally getting ready to head to Wal-Mart to get some things to fix the stove...it started smoking the other day when I turned it on so I cleaned the burners and need those little metal things that go under the burner...the electricity ate my iron the other night as I was ironing my clothes for work...I turned around for a minute and the iron started smoking and clicking...in the trash it will go this morning...I lived the first 4 days here without hot water which was interesting...but now its nice and hot...at times a little to hot for me...today I'm going to venture the library, post office and do some light shopping...after I return it will be more MCAT studying and drilling...I have four weeks to prepare for the biggest exam of my life...its not a test of knowledge but a test of brain power and the ability to think and make decisions about stuff you have no idea about...I'll be in Charlotte for the exam so I"ll stop by Caribou after to decompress a little....Hope all is well and I miss you guys...If anyone is interested in coming up here to visit let me know and I'll give you directions...I work nights so hit me up in the early evening....L'Shalom

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